Joshua clark

Owner, founder, lead designer

Joshua has 5+ years in branding and design with a passion for people and their entrepreneurial spirit. He has assembled arguably the greatest creative team known to man so you can bet you're getting the best service, hands down. In his spare time he collects tiny notebooks, and is the self-proclaimed funniest person alive (just ask his wife). 


Weston Clark 

Creative director

Weston has little experience in, well, much of anything yet. But how could his father's eye for design NOT get passed down?


Skwert Clark

Studio manager

Skwert is responsible for keeping the creative team focused and making sure we get outside to stretch our legs once in a while (his favorite part). Originally from the south (from parts unknown), he was adopted into the Clark family in March of 2017, and we knew he'd fit right in. In his spare time, Skwert enjoys ripping apart stuffed animals and whining to get the attention of his parents.